You’re gonna be wrapping all your table legs with yarn when you see this brilliant crafting idea

You’re gonna be wrapping all your table legs with yarn when you see this brilliant crafting idea

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Pom poms make everything seem so much cozier, so they’re just perfect for winter! You can buy them from the store, but making them yourself is so much better — you can make them in any size and color you like.
If you think yarn pom poms are only good for putting on the top of winter hats, think again. There are so many cool DIY projects you can do with them!
1. Bulk yarn pom poms (h/t Flax & Twine)
Making yarn pom poms is fun, but it can be super time consuming if you need to make a bunch of them. This clever hack will show you how to make pom poms in bulk so that you have more time to make cool things with them!

2. Cozy rug (h/t Make & Do Crew)
This rug looks even cozier and softer than a sheepskin rug! It would look great with almost any combination of colors, so this might be the perfect way to use up all the old yarn you’ve been saving.

3. Luggage tag (h/t Sugar & Cloth)
You’ll always be able to find your luggage on the airport carousel if it has this adorable pom pom luggage tag attached to it! If you don’t travel much, this would still look cute attached to your purse, wallet, or key chain.

4. Pom pom throw blanket (h/t Making Home Base)
This pom pom throw blanket looks so cozy. I can’t be the only one who thinks it would make a great Christmas present… and it only takes an hour to make!

5. Embellished napkin rings (h/t Dimples And Tangles)
Make your next dinner party truly unique with these pom pom napkin rings! The colorful pom pom shown here is so much fun, but you could completely customize these to match your style and decor.

6. Pom pom bookmarks (h/t Design Mom)
I’ve never seen a pom pom bookmark before, but this is such a good idea! These are super easy to make, and they’d make great little Christmas gifts or thank-you presents.

7. Colorful swizzle sticks (h/t The Flair Exchange)
Drinking cocktails would be so much more fun with these pom pom swizzle sticks! You don’t need to save these for when you’re drinking alcohol — they’d also be a ton of fun at a children’s birthday party.

8. Cheerful bouquet (h/t Me & Him)
I absolutely love this spring-like pom pom bouquet! You could easily switch the pom pom colors out to match the season… an all-white bouquet would be perfect for winter, and fall definitely calls for red, orange, and yellow.


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