Late-night hosts on Roy Moore’s defeat: ‘The real loser here is Donald Trump’

Late-night hosts on Roy Moore’s defeat: ‘The real loser here is Donald Trump’

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Comics, including Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee, covered the Republican loss in Alabama and how the president is coping with the news

Late-night hosts have discussed Roy Moore’s loss in the Alabama Senate election and how the result will affect Donald Trump.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert started off in high spirits as he relayed what had just happened. “It’s been a rough year,” he said. “We have been buried under an avalanche of bad news, but through the rubble of 2017, there was a glimmer of light because last night, Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones.”

Colbert then looked at the voting statistics and spoke about the important role that black voters played, with 96% choosing Jones. “It is the best thing African Americans have done for Alabama since they built it for free,” he said.

He continued: “I think that means African Americans get an A+ while white voters will be held back to repeat the civil rights movement.”

Steve Bannon was then described as a “former Trump adviser and laboratory monkey receiving the placebo in a syphilis trial” as Colbert joked about his failed contribution to the campaign.

“The real loser here is Donald Trump because he was all in on Roy Moore,” Colbert said, recounting how the president decided to wholeheartedly back Moore, an alleged sexual predator.

After Trump’s original choice, Luther Strange, lost to Moore in the Republican primary, Trump deleted all tweets supporting him – but has yet to do the same for Moore. “Backing a racist homophobic teen-squeezer is one thing but backing a loser, that’s off-brand,” Colbert said.

On Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the host compared Moore and Trump, saying that they were both “campaigning on white resentment”.

Of Jones, she said: “Doug managed to turn Alabama into a purple state just by being the rare Democrat who didn’t trip over his dick.”

Bee played back footage of Moore arriving on election riding a horse called Sassy. Moore was accused of being overly aggressive with the horse, offending some pundits. “You can be a racist sexist homophobe and white ladies might overlook it, but do not hurt a horse named Sassy,” she said.

While Jones won, there were still a lot of voters who opted to pick Moore. “Sure, over 650,000 people voted for him, but at least now you know who not to let babysit your kids,” she said.

Bee also spoke about the importance of black voters and Democrats’ need to spend more time working on policies aimed at African Americans. “It only took one child predator and decades of black people saying this for them to realize it,” she said.

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah also came back to the effect the result will have on the losing party. “Republicans have only themselves to blame, because that’s what happens when your candidate is cowboy Roman Polanski,” he said.

Moore has refused to concede, claiming that the race is up to God. “Alabama, after 25 years, just went Democrat,” Noah said. “If there ever was an act of God, this is it.”

He continued: “If I was God, I’d be so pissed at Roy Moore. I’d be like, ‘Yo dude, I gave you the biggest sign – I literally parted a Red Sea.’”


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