Don’t toss your old t-shirts. You gonna want them to copy these 7 DIY ideas

Don’t toss your old t-shirts. You gonna want them to copy these 7 DIY ideas

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Do you have a big pile of old t-shirts you’ve been meaning to get rid of? You definitely need to think twice before you throw them in the trash or take them to the thrift store.
No matter whether they have holes and stains or if you simply don’t love them anymore, those t-shirts can be used to make pillows, tote bags, and beautiful rugs!
1. Braided headband (h/t Sugar Bee Crafts)
If not all of the t-shirt is usable, this is a great way to turn it into something completely different. Simply cut strips out of the shirt and braid them together — it’s way easier than it seems!

2. Crochet ombre rug (h/t One Dog Woof)
It might take some time to collect t-shirts in the right colors, but if you’re in a hurry to make this project, you should be able to find the perfect shirts at the thrift store. This is a great crochet project for beginners!

3. T-shirt pillow (h/t LoLovie)
This is the perfect way to upcycle an old t-shirt with an awesome print or pattern on it. It’s hard to believe this pillow cover used to be a shirt!

4. Fabric garland chandelier (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
This fabric garland chandelier looks so romantic, and it’s an awesome way to give old white t-shirts a new purpose. Mix in other fabrics like lace and tulle for an extra-pretty result!

5. DIY fabric espadrilles (h/t A Little Tipsy)
It might sound too complicated to DIY your own espadrilles, but these are actually so easy to make! This is an especially great idea if you have a hard time finding shoes that fit, because you can completely customize them to fit your feet.

6. Neon coil bowls (h/t We Are Scout)
These colorful little bowls might not be the most practical, but they’re definitely cute! You’ll need some basic sewing skills to make these, but even a beginner could make them with a little practice.

7. No-sew tote bag (h/t Mommypotamus)
Once your favorite shirt is too beat-up to wear, you can still show off the print by turning it into this adorable tote bag! It’s perfect for everything from grocery shopping to going to the beach — your friends are definitely going to want you to make them one too.


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