Donald Trump and Melania’s official Christmas card reveals THIS, expert claims

Donald Trump and Melania’s official Christmas card reveals THIS, expert claims

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DONALD TRUMP and Melania released their official Christmas card from the White House this year. What does their body language reveal?

Yesterday Donald Trump’s official Christmas card was revealed, in which he poses with his wife Melania Trump. The 71-year-old President of the United States appears wearing black tie dress and holding hands in a pose that shows a united front.

Melania, 47, a former model, recently revealed how Donald Trump spends Christmas.

A body language expert has revealed to what the president and his wife’s body language conveys in the festive image.

The statement pose
Judi James said: “Sometimes its the blander, more formal poses that tell you the most about a political leader, as with this Christmas shot of a gleaming-toothed POTUS and his FLOTUS.

“We’ve seen Trump in political body language action throughout the year and we’ve seen Melania apparently tucked away somewhere in his very power-dominant shadow. “But what do the couple’s chosen and idealised seasonal pose tell us about the hidden dynamics of the White House duo?”

Trump demonstrates a “one-dimensional role of leader”, in this image, Judi claims. It is is very formal, and gives no clue as to the intimate family lives on the Trumps.

While some Christmas cards can give a snapshot of family life, with inclusions of pets or children, this is a shot of the First Lady and President purely in their professional capacities.

Judi said: “This pose doesn’t try to buy our love, affection or even pity by suggesting the more human side of the role and this in itself is remarkable.

“Politicians tend to use Christmas as a PR opportunity to show their off-duty fun, self-effacing side or to promote their role as a loveable family guy.

“It’s a useful excuse for a bit of soft-focused fleshing out of the brand, but for the Trumps in this uber-formal pose it looks very much as though its business as usual during Trump-mas.”

Their power signals
However, the couple have opted for a pose that shows them in as a team of equals with similar power, Judi claims.

Melania has shied away from “submissive ‘supportive adoration’ signals that the likes of Hilary used to use with Bill.”

The expert said: “Trump’s body language as president has always shown a desire to be seen as the only alpha in the village and he has used several techniques from power-handshakes to literally pushing another leader out of the way to signal this status dominance.

“Melania has never really taken a strong role visually but there have been tantalising hints throughout the year that she might have been underestimated in terms of signals of control and confidence.”

The lack of PDA
Lastly, the couple have chosen a pose that distinctly lacks any public displays of affection, Judi claimed.

This is inline with the President’s usual tendencies to shy away from outward expressions of love towards his wife.

Judi said: “Trump has always set out his stall as a guy who doesn’t perform PDAs for the cameras.

“Melania has managed to egg him into the odd ‘guppy’ kiss or hand-hold but the fact they’ve opted for quite a firm hand clasp here does does make quite a strong statement.

“His hand is on top, suggesting he’s taking the lead but both have their fingers curled into the clasp, suggesting it’s mutual.”


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